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HK-Controller 20

Item no. A3200028

Add-on to transmit key actions to a compatible G&D device

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HK-Controller 20
The HK-Controller 

forwards shortcuts to any G&D device. The shortcuts can consist of a sequence of up to 250 characters.

The HK-Controller provides potential-free contacts, to which you can connect any keys/panels. The HK-Controller converts inputs entered from control panels into the assigned hot key sequence and outputs it as a control sequence at the G&D device.

Technical data


  • 23 floating contacts for connection to own panel
  • Transmitting the shortcuts by pressing a button on the panel
  • Pressing the keys triggers control sequence for G&D device behind it
  • Customer's own hardware can be integrated
  • Operating system-independent
  • Connection via PS/2 and USB possible
  • Requires no software installation


  • The HK-Controller is looped between the PS/2 or USB keyboard interface of the keyboard and the PS/2 or USB socket of the device to be operated.
  • A cable tailored on one side connects the panel to the HK-Controller. 



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