The advancing digitalization and smart-ship technologies are calling for a new generation of IT-based ships and maritime control centers on land and water.


Control rooms on ships, on offshore platforms and in ports generate a high volume of data that needs to be monitored and processed. KVM from G&D lets you manage resources efficiently while connecting control room staff and logistics players in the best possible way.

KVM helps you remove computer technology from maritime control centers and separate people from machines, while maintaining full access control – remotely and in real time. Selected KVM systems are certified according to IEC 60945. Thus, they meet the Tempest requirements and are even suitable for the use of maritime applications.

Extremely robust under extreme operating conditions

Whether on cargo or cruise ships, research vessels or cable-laying ships – the weather conditions for sensitive IT equipment on the high seas are harsh, and space on the bridge is always limited. KVM from G&D helps to move sensitive computer technology from the control station to a central server room.

Ideal conditions for humans and machines

Staff and technicians can always access the remote systems from all operator stations. This provides a flexible and secure basis for visualizing, controlling and monitoring complex processes in maritime control rooms. In addition, IT administrators can maintain servers remotely and in real time from anywhere without having to waste time by walking across the decks.


KVM for many markets and industries

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