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Airport terminal from above

Powerful KVM solutions


are essential in high-tech industries such as ATC. Designing fail-safe systems, using space efficiently, optimizing working conditions and facilitating processes – there are many challenges to tackle. KVM from G&D enables flexible IT access, comprehensive redundancy concepts, fail-safety, and cyber security, while equally protecting technology and human life.

With KVM from G&D, controllers always have the right system at hand and benefit from pixel-perfect transmission with the best possible video quality and zero latency. In addition, KVM systems from G&D improve workplace ergonomics and make it easier for IT staff to maintain the equipment.

Airport tower

Saving valuable space

Space is scarce in a tower. Nevertheless, controllers must be able to work highly focused and without any distractions. By moving the hardware to a separate room, KVM helps you create more space, especially in confined areas.
Man using binoculars to look over airport from tower
Heat and noise from the powerful computers are thus kept out of the pulpit. At the same time, this means: Towers need less air conditioning, which in turn saves costs. Thus, air traffic controllers can continue to work without any losses in data transmission and keep a clear overview of air traffic without any irritating disturbances.

KVM in towers

Schematic diagram: KVM in a tower

KVM products are an essential part in towers. After the computers are removed to a central equipment room, they are connected to a KVM matrix switch. The extender feature of said matrix switches establishes connections to offices, the test room and finally up to the flight station with all working positions. Thanks to the KVM equipment in use, all workstations have access to the remote computers – of course taking into account the assigned user rights. In a separate testing room, employees inspect any IT equipment thoroughly. And even from here, technicians can access and maintain the computers.


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