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Questions are there to be asked. We have answered the most important ones about KVM here. Want to know more? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

What is KVM?

What is a KVM Matrix-Grid?

What are the advantages and benefits of KVM?

What is a KVM extender and how does it work?

What do I need to consider when selecting a KVM switch?

What is a KVM matrix switch and how does it work?

What is the difference between classic KVM and KVM-over-IP™?

Is KVM the same as a network?

Do I need to prepare my computers for the application of KVM?

I have a DVI and a VGA computer. Can I still use a KVM switch?

Do you offer KVM extenders that transmit only one signal (e. g. audio or USB2.0)?

What KVM extenders are best suited for galvanic separation?

Can I install the KVM products myself?

What do I need to consider when selecting a KVM switch?

How do I switch with a KVM switch?

Can I switch computers containing several graphic cards?

What KVM switch is best suited for switching only keyboard and mouse signals?

How can I connect to several computers with several workstations?

What do I need to administrate our central servers over multiple consoles?

Do I need to install special software on my computers to use a G&D matrix solution?

Is G&D the right supplier for me?

Where and how can I buy G&D products?

Where can I get prices for your products?

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