Intelligent KVM solutions for
industrial automation


At first glance, using KVM hardly seems necessary in industrial applications


– but quite the opposite! Automation through KVM solutions significantly improves organization, process control and monitoring in industrial companies. G&D offers solutions for a wide range of industries.

It's not just the pharmaceutical, chemical, paper and automotive industry that use KVM to simplify processes and make the working environment more pleasant. Numerous industries benefit from reducing heat and noise emissions by relocating computers and having easier access to all computers.
Woman controls process in chemical industry

Monitoring processes for fast response times

The requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is quite diverse: On the one hand, small and medium-sized process control rooms depend on reliable systems; on the other hand, there are complex control rooms in which several process plants as well as heterogeneous processes are monitored simultaneously. In this context, it is particularly important to keep an overview of all processes and to be able to operate many screens and computer constellations at the same time. Numerous control room features such as CrossDisplay-Switching do not only simplify tasks, but are also very intuitive to use – a difference operators can feel!

Another important topic: The systems must be fail-safe and always ready to be operated – a crucial aspect when dealing with chemical processes, for example.

Plant in the chemical industry
How is KVM able to help in these scenarios? The monitoring and SNMP functions integrated in many G&D devices let you monitor the system statuses of peripherals and G&D products connected. Here, various parameters are measured continuously. Any conditions are detected, documented and reported to the system administrator. This helps people in charge to react immediately to critical situations such as exceeding temperatures or failing communication. As a result, there are far fewer system failures, increased availability times, and both users and system administrators can work more efficiently.


KVM for many industries and markets

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