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is regarded as one of the foremost manufacturers of digital and analog KVM solutions.

We are the leading KVM manufacturer for control room applications. With our KVM products, we create a rock-solid basis for a reliable, future-oriented and fail-safe IT architecture. Whether air traffic control, broadcast applications, offshore platforms, energy control rooms, or industrial process control - leading companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide rely on G&D's KVM systems.

As pioneers in the KVM industry, we have helped shape the development of the entire industry - after all, we were already manufacturing KVM systems before the term "KVM" even existed. As one of the world's leading manufacturers, we now offer our customers the broadest, most interoperable KVM portfolio on the market.
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G&D today

For more than 35 years, we have been impressing our customers with our core expertise in extending, switching, and distributing standardized computer signals. At G&D, you can expect top product quality and a high level of expertise in setting up fail-safe IT infrastructure for 24/7 operation. Our KVM experts are deployed worldwide, have in-depth solution expertise, and will work out an individual solution proposal to suit your specific project.

Development, manufacturing, sales and service - we bundle all core competencies under one roof and deliberately focus on excellent quality "Made in Germany". We always have our finger on the pulse of time and our ear close to the markets. This is how innovative products and features are created that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the various areas of application and users.
KVM experts at work

Customer-oriented KVM solutions since 1985

Through the consistent expansion of our product portfolio as well as forward-looking developments, we stand today as the leading KVM expert for control room applications. We are technology enthusiasts, follow current trends and thus always remain agile as a technology leader.

We are personal and at eye level - and often just a phone call away. Our KVM experts accompany and advise you through all phases of planning, configuring and commissioning KVM systems.

Our innovations are the consistent result of our continuous development work. With KVM products from G&D, you get reliable devices of the highest quality, optimum functionality, and complication-free operation.

The history of Guntermann & Drunck GmbH

What began in 1985 with the development of products for software training has today grown into one of the leading high-end manufacturers in the KVM industry. The long-term entrepreneurial perspective, the economic stability as well as the reliability of our statements have always been our focus.

We have not only experienced the decisive developments in our industries first-hand, but have also played an active role in shaping them. We have further strengthened our leading position by consistently expanding the KVM product range and by forward-looking developments such as the first modular matrix switch in 1994.

Over the years, KVM systems became more powerful and installations more complex. Starting in 2003, the first extenders were introduced that could transmit digital video signals over distances of up to 10,000 meters, and this technical progress continued with the development of digital matrix switches. As of 2017, the topic of KVM-over-IP gained increasing importance. The first extender system for unlimited computer access via IP structures was followed shortly after by the first IP matrix.  

Today, thanks to a high level of solution expertise and relevant product developments, G&D is one of the world's leading manufacturers of KVM solutions and has the broadest, interoperable product portfolio on the market.


Strong employee retention, a powerful partner network and a high degree of customer loyalty are only a few of the strengths that make Guntermann & Drunck a reliable partner for KVM solutions.

Our corporate principles

For more than 35 years, we put quality first. With highly qualified employees and an implemented management system, we can commit to continuously releasing innovative and error-free KVM products. Our corporate management develops and defines the company's quality policy. Quality is the foundation of everything at Guntermann & Drunck. Zero-defect quality for all products, processes and services is required to secure the future.

The aim of G&D

Our top priority is achieving our aim for completely satisfied customers by providing innovative products and services without faults, 100% on-time delivery and a qualified and friendly cooperation with our customers’ employees. We continue developing our integrated management system regarding the needs of our customers in the ever-changing IT environment. The integrated management system ensures our compliance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality norm.

Ready for the future

Each employee, regardless of function and task, is committed to quality.

To achieve the quality goals and continuously improve our quality, the skills of our employees are constantly developed and trained to think and act regarding the quality our customers expect from us. External and internal audits constantly evaluate the adequacy of our quality policy and management system.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

We continue developing our integrated management system with regards to the needs of our customers. This ensures our compliance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality norm. 

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Code of Conduct

In order to ensure mutual respect, honesty and fairness between colleagues and business partners, all employees must observe the binding rules of conduct stated in this Code of Conduct.

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Information for suppliers

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Quality policy

Our quality policy sets out the principles and values that guide us and enable us to achieve our defined objective - the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.


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Environmental policy

Being conscious of the environment in everything we do, and using resources responsibly, is a key element of our day-to-day work - we state this in our environmental policy


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